Making A Release
  • Update distribution files
    • Update version in the pythoscope/ file and a download link in README.
    • Update Changelog file with a list of changes since last release (consult the list of revisions).
    • Make other corrections to README file if necessary.
    • bzr ci && bzr push
  • Update PyPI
    • python sdist upload
  • Update Launchpad
    • Register a new release by going to the milestone page and clicking Publish release in the right panel. Milestone should become inactive.
    • Change state of all bugs with committed fix to Fix released.
  • Update Pythoscope site
    • Put new release source code into the Download section.
    • Sync the Documentation and Download pages with new contents of README using tools/ script.
    • Sync the Tutorial page with new contents of doc/basic-tutorial.txt using tools/ script.
    • Sync the FAQ page with new contents of doc/FAQ using tools/ script.
    • Change the link to the upcoming release on the side page.
    • Generate a new version tag image on tinytags and upload it as version.png to the main page.
    • Change the link to the release tarball on the start page.
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