Your way out of The Lack of Testing Death Spiral

What is Pythoscope?

Pythoscope is a unit test generator for programs written in Python. It's open source, licensed under the MIT license.

See the FAQ for commonly asked questions about Pythoscope.

To get started with Pythoscope read the installation instructions and then dive into the tutorial.


Current stable version of Pythoscope is 0.4.3, released on February 28th 2010.

Python doctor


Take your code… …and admire your new test suite.
class OldPython(object):
    def __init__(self, age):
        self.age = age
    def hiss(self):
        return "sss... *cough* *cough*"
… run Pythoscope on it…

$ pythoscope

import unittest
class TestOldPython(unittest.TestCase):
    def test___init__(self):
        # old_python = OldPython(age)
        assert False  # TODO: implement your test here
    def test_hiss(self):
        # old_python = OldPython(age)
        # self.assertEqual(expected, old_python.hiss())
        assert False  # TODO: implement your test here
if __name__ == '__main__':

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Research Materials


Those are specifications which were wikified, for a full list see blueprints on Launchpad.



Idea for this project came from Paul Hildebrandt and Titus Brown. Most of the code so far has been written by Michal Kwiatkowski.

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