How To Contribute

Use it

The best way to contribute at this early point of development is to simply download and use the tool on your own or any other code you happen to have. After that let us know what you think, and what didn't (and what did) met your expectations. We accept all suggestions for improvements, and of course patches are most welcome.

Share your suggestions on the project google group at moc.spuorgelgoog|epocsohtyp#moc.spuorgelgoog|epocsohtyp, put them on this wiki or send us a private mail to gro.epocsohtyp|srepoleved#gro.epocsohtyp|srepoleved.

Promote it

We wrote and open sourced this product so people would use it. Please blog about it or show it off at a users group meeting. If you do so please let us know. We appreciate the encouragement. Drop our mailing list moc.spuorgelgoog|epocsohtyp#moc.spuorgelgoog|epocsohtyp a note or us personally gro.epocsohtyp|srepoleved#gro.epocsohtyp|srepoleved if you do.

Fix it

If you want to contribute a patch, please follow the rules below. It will make our job easier, what means your patch will sooner land in an official release of Pythoscope.

through Launchpad branch

The encouraged way of developing and sharing your changes to Pythoscope is through a branch on Launchpad. You start by checking out current sources:

bzr branch lp:pythoscope

After you made your first changes and committed them locally, you may publish them with a command looking like this:

bzr push bzr+ssh://<username><username>/pythoscope/<branchname>

replacing <username> with your launchpad login and <branchname> with the name of the branch you may want to use. Note that for this to work you need a Launchpad account with proper SSH keys uploaded. For more information on that see Easy branching article on Launchpad.

As you go along you may want to merge changes from the trunk, so you don't get too far off with your branch from the main line of development. See bazaar documentation on merging for details.

by sending a patch

If your change is small you can also just make a patch and send it to us directly.

Some general advice

  • Stick to the existing coding style. For new code try to conform to PEP 8.
  • Unless your patch is a really minor change, please write a test case that exercises the new behavior and include it in the patch.
  • Before submitting your patch make sure it passes all tests.

Financial Support

We are exploring two types of financial support.

Corporate support
We setup a page that will help you justify supporting Pythoscope.
Personal donations
We have a paypal account that allow people that use Pythoscope to say "Thanks!" in a way that helps us continue development. Donate now or use the donate button in the sidebar. Thank you for your support!
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